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Questions & Answers regarding your Bracco Italiano puppy

  • How does price relate to quality?

Breeding excellent puppies is expensive! The average cost of health testing a dog is approximately $1000.  The average cost of a c-section is $2000.  The average cost of a artificial insemination (if necessary) is $800-$1500.  The average cost for raising a healthy litter is approximately $1500.  All of this without mentioning any reproductive complications, neonatal care, routine veterinarian care, and TIME! 

  • Do you take your dogs back if a buyer is unable to care for them?

YES!  It is written into your puppy purchase contract that if you are unable, at any time, to keep and care for your puppy/dog, the puppy/dog must be returned to us.

  • What is your criteria for breeding?

We require both conformation championship and hunting ability.  Temperament is also very important.  We health test our dogs and will only breed a dog that has hips that are certified as good or excellent.  We also test elbows, eyes and full bloodwork.

  • How do you socialize your puppies?

The puppies are born and raised inside  our home for the first 3-4 weeks (depending on the weather).  We ensure that they are a part of our family and are given lots of love and attention.  They are surrounded by everyday household noise (vacuum, cooking - pots and pans etc).  They will be properly introduced to our adult dogs, and are introduced to our family and friends on a regular basis. 

  • Are your dogs suitable for hunting?

Yes!  We are a hunting home!  The Bracco Italiano is a versatile gun dog and is suitable for hunting as long as they are exposed to the sound of a gun and birds properly.  Introducing your new puppy to the sound of the gun properly is one of the most important steps in developing a great hunting companion!!!  We will start testing the puppies on a bird wing and progress up to real birds to help develop their hunting instinct.  

  • Do you ship your puppies?

NO!!!  We do not usually ship our puppies.  We want to meet our puppy buyers in person!  We live 30 minutes east of the Sacramento International Airport so we are very easy to get to!  An 8 week old puppy is allowed (on most airlines) to fly home with you on the plane as a carry on item.  You will need an airport approved bag (something similar to a sherpa bag  that can be found at petsmart or other major pet supply stores).  We will be happy to pick one up for you (puppy buyer is responsible for cost of bag).

  • Can I pick up my puppy before 8 weeks old?

NO.  California law prohibits the sale of puppies earlier than 8 weeks old.  597z. (a) (1)  Except as otherwise authorized under any other provision of law, it shall be a crime, punishable as specified in subdivision (b), for any person to sell one or more dogs under eight weeks of age, unless, prior to any physical transfer of the dog or dogs from the seller to purchaser, the dog or dogs are approved for sale, as evidenced by written documentation from a veterinarian licensed to practice in California


How do I pick out my puppy?

Selection is given according to order of deposits received.  At six weeks of age, we will help make final selections by allowing you to pick your puppy in person, via photos on the internet, or by letting us pick for you based on your desires and wishes (color, personality, male/female etc).  We will be watching and documenting each puppy as it develops so we will have a good understanding of each puppies personality. 


What is your health guarantee?

We are very confident that you are receiving a healthy happy puppy.  You have 48 hours days from the day you pick your puppy up, to have him checked by your vet of choice.  If your puppy does not pass a puppy exam by your vet, we will take the puppy back and issue a refund for the price of the puppy.

  • What veterinary needs will my puppy have when I receive him/her?

Your puppy must be checked by your veterinarian within 48 hours from the day you pick your puppy up from us.  Riverbend will provide you with a puppy wellness record which you should take to the vet with you. The puppy will need a second round of shots at about 12 weeks of age and then a third round of shots at about 16 weeks of age at which time he/she will also receive a rabies vaccine. Remember, your puppy is NOT fully immunized until he/she receives all 3 sets of shots so limit their exposure to other dogs, especially in public places,  DO NOT TAKE YOUR PUPPY TO THE PARK OR DOG PARK UNTIL THEY ARE 18 WEEKS OLD!!!!  Your puppy should be safe to interact with other dogs in your household or your friends dogs if you know those dogs have been properly vaccinated.  If your friend would like to bring their dog to your home to meet your new puppy, we encourage you to wipe the paws of your friends dog with a mixture of bleach/water (mix 10% bleach to 90% water ) to help keep your home/yard safe from parvo contamination.  Your puppy will be de-wormed at Riverbend, but we do recommend an additional fecal exam by your vet. 

  • How should I send the deposit?

We will also accept a deposit by check, but your order in the selection of a puppy will not be guaranteed until your check has been received and cleared the bank.

California Pedigree Disclosure Law Requires That You Receive this Statement:



Description of dog:  BRACCO ITALIANO

The dog you are purchasing is registered/registerable [circle one] with the:  UNITED KENNEL CLUB

Registration means only that UNITED KENNEL CLUB maintains information regarding the parentage and identity of this dog.  It does not guarantee the quality or health of this dog, and it does not guarantee quality lineage.  Since dog pedigree registries depend in large part on the honesty and accuracy of persons registering dogs, registration does not guarantee the accuracy of the lineage recorded nor that this dog is purebred.

Acknowledged:____________________________________[Purchaser]     Date:___________________


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